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NOVITA': Philosophical Laboratory of the Global Age (Labfileglob)

Dear colleagues,
It is a great a pleasure for me to inform you that a new and stimulating and collective research experience has just begun, and I am very proud to be its coordinator. The professors and young researchers involved in the Philosophical Laboratory of the Global Age (Labfileglob) share a strong interest in the study of the problems and issues related to the main transformations occurring with the global age.
Even though the Labfileglob members come from different disciplines, they strongly believe that philosophy could and should contribute to analysing the urgent challenges produced by globalization. This is the reason why Labfileglob aims to develop a critical approach, able to connect the current challenges with the analytical and methodological tools provided by social philosophy: according to this perspective, Labfileglob wants to outline possible remedies to these challenges at the ethical, social and political levels, not by referring to abstract normative principles, but by following an immanent critique enabled by the subjects and resources within the social reality. Such an immanent approach requires reflection on the psycho-anthropological structure of individuals starting from their socio-historical living contexts, in order to further investigate the motivations – especially the emotional ones – and the world images at the root of the individual and social agency.

The main activities of Labfileglob are now visible on the following new website: 

As you can see, we have already inserted the name and the website of your institution in the Labfileglob networks section. I would like to take this opportunity to kindly ask you to do the same on your institution’s website, in order to ensure the largest audience for Labfileglob’s activities.

Thank you for your attention.
Best wishes,
Elena Pulcini
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