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Charta 2020 - Agora Europe

Quando 15/02/2019
da 10:00 am al 06:00 pm
Dove Fiesole
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Charta 2020

Agora Europe



EUI “Charta 2020” Workshop – February 15th, 10am-4pm

Agora Europe “Charta 2020” – EUI, February 15th, 4pm-6pm


Agora Europe “Charta 2020”– European Parliament March 20th, 6:30pm



Charta 2020 is a European project by Rui Tavares and Caterina Di Fazio, presented within the Agora Europe Series[i], which has been co-founded by Étienne Balibar, Caterina di Fazio and Nadia Urbinati. The project aims, in the current historical and geopolitical situation that we defined as a watershed moment, at building a European political space, by means of the definition of 20 European public goods (or objects of political desire). We chose this term to underline the principles of non-rivalry and non-exclusion, that distinguish public goods.


Charta 2020 will be written at the European University Institute on February 15th 2019 and presented at the European Parliament on March 20th 2019.


Charta 2020 will be divided into 5 sections, each one containing 4 articles (for a total of 20 articles, of approximately 3/5 lines), with each article proposing a specific public good. The EUI workshop will consist of two writing sessions and a public event to present the results. 5 groups will simultaneously work on each one of the 5 sections in separate roundtable discussions.



EUI “Charta 2020” Workshop Schedule (February 15th)


10:00-13:00 Morning Writing Session


13:00-14:00 Lunch Break (Cafeteria)


14:00-16:00 Afternoon Writing Session


16:00-18:00 Agora Europe (Public Event)


Location: Badia Fiesolana-Refettorio, European University Institute

Via della Badia dei Roccettini, 9, 50014 Fiesole FI, Italia



Sections and sections coordinators:


1. European Political Space (Étienne Balibar, Caterina di Fazio, Nadia Urbinati)

2. Migration (Daniel Innerarity, Satvinder Juss, Cécile Kyenge)

3. Economy (David Adler, Claus Offe, Peppe Provenzano)

4. Environment (Monica Frassoni, Elena Pulcini, Nora Räthzel)

5. Culture (Alberto Alemanno, Lorenzo Marsili, Niccolo Milanese)



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